Sermon 6-23-24 - "The Lord's will" Acts 21:12-14 
What is hindering you from following "the Lord's Will" in your life? 
Sermon 6-2-24  - God has A plan and purpose for your life
Use your SHAPE to honor God 
Sermon 5-26-24 - Acts 19
Do you need A Miracle? What is hindering your relationship with God? Get rid of it.
Sermon 5-5-24 - Acts 17  Do you Know God?
Knowing God just not knowing about Him 
Sermon 4-28-24  - Acts 16 Share Jesus where you are
Worry is focus on the problem, Worship is focus on Jesus... where is your Focus? 
Sermon 4-21-24 - Acts 15 Handling Disagreements
Handling sin issues Matt 18 Restoring the relationship is key not winning 
4-14-24 Sermon  - Acts 14
The worlds says vs God's Word, take A step toward Holiness 
4-7-24 Sermon  - Easter over now go make Disciples
1 Cor 15 over 500 people saw Jesus at one time 
3-31-24 Sermon - Easter SONrise He Has Risen From The Grave
It is Real, It Really Happen, Jesus is Alive
3-24-24 Sermon - Palm Sunday
The crowd shouted "Hosanna" and A week later the crowd shouted "Crucify Him". What are you shouting with your life? 
3-17-24 Sermon - The Cross
Why did Jesus go to the Cross? For you and me, God exchange our sin for His Forgiveness, because of Jesus death on the Cross. 

3-10-24 Sermon We are just like Judas and Peter

We need A professional / Savior that can take way our sins. 
 3-3-24 Sermon - Passover Communion
Jesus was the Passover Lamb who died for our sins 
2-25-24 Sermon Acts 13 You are A missionary to your school, workplace and neighborhood
You will face opposition, But God is for you... 
2-19-24 Sermon - Acts 12 "And the church prayed earnestly"
Do you pray expecting God to show up and answer? Faith Believing Prayers
1-28-24 Sermon Acts 9 You are God's chosen Instrument, are you willing to be used by God?
Have you had an encounter with God?
1-21-24 Sermon - Acts 8: 26-40
Philip listens to God and goes for A walk down A desert road and shares the Good News. Who is God sending you too? 
1-14-23 Sermon  Acts 8:9-25. Who are you Following?
Simon tried to buy the "Gift of the Holy Spirit". How is your Heart? 
1-7-23 Sermon - Acts 8 A Disciple of Jesus is A Learner
Great Persecution caused the early church to spread to many other places. Ask God to make you uncomfortable so you can share the Good News with others. That every encounter will be an encounter with Jesus... 
God's gift of Love was Jesus Have you accepted and applied God's love to your life? 
12-17-23 Sermon Kid's Christmas Program
Do you Believe in the birth of Jesus? If you Believe in Jesus live like it
12-10-23 Sermon Peace When Things Do Not Go Your Way
Listening to God's voice and taking Jesus wherever you go
Acts 7
Acts 5:1-11 Why do you lie?  Lying still brings death, death to relationship, death to marriages, death to peace, death to integrity, death to our Christian witness.
Acts 4:1-31. Ordinary men who have been with Jesus...  Do you have the Boldness to tell what Jesus has done in your life?
Acts 3:1-11 What are you asking for from God?
10-1-23 Sermon
Acts 2:42 Devoted themselves to Biblical teaching, Fellowship, Sharing A meal and Prayer together 
Acts 2. what A difference the Holy Spirit makes, "What should we do?" Repent and turn to God 
Holy Spirit filling started with surrendering Him 
The Promise of the Holy Spirit and the return of Christ 
Sermon and Baptism 
Soil and the seed
Baby Dedication and those getting Baptized sharing their stories. 2 Cor 5:17-22. new in Christ 
Keep your eyes on Jesus and finish the race 
Communion- 1 Cor 11 Examine yourself before taking Communion
What is A Disciple of Jesus? A Disciple of Jesus is A Learning, Learning to Love like Jesus, Walk like Jesus, Live like Jesus... Be Like Jesus to others. Are you A Disciple of Jesus?
 Gal 6:6-9
 "You rep what you sow" If you don't like what you are reaping change what you are sowing.