Acts 2. what A difference the Holy Spirit makes, "What should we do?" Repent and turn to God 
Holy Spirit filling started with surrendering Him 
The Promise of the Holy Spirit and the return of Christ 
Sermon and Baptism 
Soil and the seed
Baby Dedication and those getting Baptized sharing their stories. 2 Cor 5:17-22. new in Christ 
Keep your eyes on Jesus and finish the race 
Communion- 1 Cor 11 Examine yourself before taking Communion
What is A Disciple of Jesus? A Disciple of Jesus is A Learning, Learning to Love like Jesus, Walk like Jesus, Live like Jesus... Be Like Jesus to others. Are you A Disciple of Jesus?
 Gal 6:6-9
 "You rep what you sow" If you don't like what you are reaping change what you are sowing.
Father's Day. 2 Samuel 11 & 12 flee from temptations
Do you have someone who will hold you accountable in Love and Truth? 
 2 Samuel "Turn The Page" Cause All of Heaven to Celebrate, when you say Yes to Jesus
1 Samuel 24. David shows Kindness to Saul in the cave, who do you need to show Kindness to? 
 1 Samuel 18 Saul's Jealousy drove him to attended murder, don't minimize your sins. The Cure to Jealousy and envy is Love and being filled with the Holy Spirit