Watervliet Free Methodist women coming together and striving to reach our community for Jesus


We strive to provide opportunities for ALL women to learn more of God through His Word, as we deepen our friendships with other women, our relationships with our family and with our Lord.  Together we grow in God's Grace and are able to encourage our sisters in Christ as we walk the path
Christ has laid out for us.
 Join the sisterhood of believers and grow in all God has for you!
Bible Study
Wednesday's 6:30-8:00 pm

Now studying . . .
We're longing to hear from God, aching to know who He is and
know His heart. The beautiful truth is this - we can encounter the living God today in the pages of His Word. The Bible is for you and for now. Whether you already open your bible every day, have
never read it before, or struggle to keep up with studying Scripture,
Open Your Bible will leave you with a greater appreciation for theWord of God, a deeper understanding of its authority, and a stronger desire to truly know the Bible inside and out.